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About Keenan Construction

Founded by Dan Keenan, we distinguish ourselves from most builders through our unwavering commitment to building strong connections with you, our valued customer. While building a new home can be a demanding and prolonged process, our distinctive approach involves including you as an integral part of our team throughout the entire build.

We thrive on collaborating with clients who seek that extra touch of excellence in their homes. Achieving such unparalleled quality is only possible when there exists a profound bond with our customers, and we absolutely love that part of the building process.

Customers who appreciate quality craftsmanship,

superior finishes, striking fittings, and aspire to own a premium home that fills them with pride.

Build with complete peace of mind

When you choose Keenan Construction you’ll qualify to apply for Halo – our comprehensive 10-Year Residential Guarantee. This unique cover is a safety net for your building project. You will also get a list of manufacturers warrantees for materials used in your home.

Our Vision

With the expertise and skills acquired through hands-on experience in diverse housing styles, coupled with a deep sense of pride in our craftsmanship, we consistently deliver exceptional results. Our commitment to excellence extends to our choice of suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring that they share our unwavering commitment to high standards.

Our vision for Keenan Construction is to be recognised as a highly sought-after building company, elevating living standards and enhancing value for each of our clients.